by Frank

July 17, 2021

Sen. John Kennedy reveals a letter one of his constituents allegedly received about the census. Surprisingly, the letter contained a $5 bill and allegedly came from the federal government.

This took place during a Senate Appropriations Committee hearing when Republican Sen. John Kennedy was discussing budget wishes with Labor Secretary Marty Walsh.

Walsh had a current budget of $12.5 billion, but wanted $1.7 billion more, bringing it up to $14.2b.

Kennedy kept asking Walsh about money and metrics, challenging Walsh to prove why his ideas will be worth putting the money into, rather than something else like infrastructure.

Walsh says his investment is rooted in infrastructure as well, by his perspective.

Kennedy eventually asks if people are paid to take surveys, but Walsh is unsure of the answer. Kennedy says his constituent received a letter that contained a $5 bill and a poll/census. Kennedy jokes that he filled out a census too, so he wants $5 for his time.


They shared a little laugh at the expense of the $5 bill, but it’s unclear where the letter or $5 really came from.

WATCH Kennedy question WALSH:

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Marty Walsh is a nominee of President Joe Biden. The Senate voted 18-4 to advance Walsh on February 11, then confirmed him on March 22. The confirmation vote was 68-29.




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