by Frank

December 5, 2020

Fans and haters have come out of the woodwork to shame Kellyanne Conway as a leaker and remind people about her putz husband and that he’s an “a–hole” as one user put it.

Kellyanne Conway was in a recent video saying the Biden and Harris administration can count on her if needed, suggesting that she’s happy work with them and pretty much wants a job so she doesn’t have to rely on her daughter’s Tik Tok videos as a future job.

As a refresher, here’s her video. Under this is a handful of the tweets showing what people are writing about her on the Internet, the one place where everything is sacred!

Kellyanne Conway acknowledges Biden victory, says ‘they can count on me’ at Trending Views

And now here is the fun stuff where Conway gets called out and accused of being a “leaker” and we can’t stop laughing just like the girls at BuzzFeed.


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