by Frank

December 21, 2020

Sen. Kelly Loeffler had a big moment on video when she was giving a speech and suggested that “we’re the firewall to socialism” and reminded people that this is not “an exaggeration.”

She was telling her audience about her opponent, Reverend Raphael Warnock, saying he’s a radical leftist and getting the small crowd excited about the runoff election coming up in Georgia on the 5th of January.

Before this, Sen. Loeffler was on Fox News suggesting much of the same political rhetoric, as stated on Newsweek:

“Everything’s at stake in this election,” said Loeffler during a Sunday interview on Fox News. “The future of our country is on the ballot on January 5 right here in Georgia…We know that if [Senate Democratic Leader] Chuck Schumer gets his way and says, ‘Now we take Georgia then we change America,’ they would fundamentally and radically change America for the worse.”

The incumbent Georgia senator continued: “We are not going to let that happen. We are the firewall to stopping socialism in America, right here in Georgia.”

WATCH Sen. Loeffler on video:


Loeffler faces an uphill battle to secure voters after pro-Trump attorney Lin Wood once suggested that Republicans in Georgia don’t deserve the vote if they weren’t fully supportive of Trump and changing the results of the election.


However, none of the evidence or cases brought forth have stood any grounds and most have been pushed out of court.

Trump and his team, which does not include Lin Wood or Sidney Powell, have presented another challenge to the Supreme Court.




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