by Frank

July 27, 2020

White House press secretary recently ripped the mainstream media and Democrats for downplaying the violent protesters in cities like Seattle and Portland. McEnany also slammed Democrats like Nancy Pelosi for using failed rhetoric such as calling federal agents “storm troopers.”

McEnany reports on the injuries sustained by federal officers, at the hands of violent protesters. Those injuries ranged from being blinded by lasers, someone’s hand getting impaled, numerous physical injuries from physical confrontations and clashes with protesters, and physical attacks that happened during the protests.

There are many peaceful protesters, but they don’t exactly get all the headlines and media attention. They are also drowned out of the spotlight whenever the violent protesters show up and start causing chaos, shooting off fireworks, throwing projectiles, and blinding people with lasers.

McEnany showed the media examples of the violence perpetrated by the protesters. One of the protesters said they wished people were burned alive in the police precinct and that they could not wait to see it happen.

The press secretary says that President Donald Trump will always be on the side of law and order.


After she displayed the videos of violent protesters, she then took questions from the press for some time.




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