by Frank

July 17, 2021

Fox News host Tucker Carlson had a little grin on his face as his guest roasted Vice President Kamala Harris like some Greta Thunberg global warming.

It was Jesse Kelly who was scolding the Democratic VP, suggesting that she will do anything to get ahead in her career. Kelly referred to Kamala Harris as “Willie Brown’s bratwurst bun” implying something a little more risque may have taken place early in Harris’ career to propel her higher in politics.

But wait, there’s more.

Jesse Kelly also said that Kamala Harris has ambition and she treats people “like crap.” Kelly says she’ll use people to get ahead, she cackles like a dead hyena, and she will literally do anything to get ahead.

Tucker’s guest also said there was no reason for Kamala Harris to suggest anything racist against Joe Biden when they were both running for president.

However to clarify, AP reported that Kamala Harris did not specifically say Joe Biden was a racist, but she did condemn him for working with segregationists. As AP reported: “During the debate, Harris condemned Biden for working with segregationists in the Senate and for opposing aspects of mandatory busing for school desegregation. However, she began her critique by telling Biden “I do not believe you are a racist.”


Regardless of anyone’s opinions on Kamala Harris and her political career and treatment of others – there is one thing we cannot dispute, and that is Jesse Kelly is an absolute savage in this video clip with Tucker Carlson.

This is almost like one of those Comedy Central roasts, but it’s not actually funny because it’s the vice president and she’s not doing a very good job.

In fact, it’s somewhat infuriating and I can hear her cackling in my head right now. Ugh!!!

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WATCH Jesse Kelly savagely mock Kamala Harris:

Bratwurst Bun… Cackling Dead Hyena… this is just Kamala Harris at My Daily Freedom




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