by Frank

September 29, 2021

It’s the show you love to hate and Vice President Kamala Harris’ office is reportedly deeply concerned with The View after her interview was nearly derailed entirely.

This all took place when two hosts were hit with a positive COVID test and rushed off the set while Harris was waiting backstage. She had to do the interview from somewhere else in the building. It would later turn out that the two hosts, Sunny Hostin and Ana Navarro, had actually received a false positive COVID test.

WATCH The View React to their own test debacle:

It’s reported that the hosts are tested on a regular basis, perhaps twice a week, and The View also tried to keep Harris’ office happy by doing an expedited PCR test. The PCR test is reportedly more accurate than the rapid test, according to what my family doctor told me.

The View got criticized pretty bad by Kamala’s office. As reported: “The View,” Harris’ office reportedly said, has not been forthcoming with the vice president or her office, purportedly leaving Harris’ staff “deeply concerned” over how the situation evolved and quickly deteriorated. A spokesperson for both ABC and “The View” declined to comment when reached by CNN for a statement on the debacle.”


Looks like even the government can’t stand that show!




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