by Frank

July 15, 2021

Senator Ted Cruz does it again. The Republican powerhouse has mocked Vice President Kamala Harris after she compared the Democrats who fled Texas to civil rights leaders.

The Democrats who fled Texas left on a private jet heading to DC because they wanted to avoid quorum with Republicans, evading a vote that GOP members claim would help fortify elections.

After fleeing the lonestar state, the Democrats were giving a press conference in DC and broke out in song, singing like they were an unorganized choir full of people who never sang a song before.

Kamala Harris literally compared them to people who did real heroic work. The partisan Democrats running from their job were pulling a political stunt, boarding a private plane without wearing masks, despite the constant badgering of Americans over safety.

Meanwhile, Texas Governor Greg Abbott threatened to arrest the Democrats, which would honestly be amazing because they were acting like toddlers. Then again, toddlers would show up for work if you asked them to. They wouldn’t be smiling on a private jet with lite beer and avoiding doing their job.

Ted Cruz has been especially vocal against Kamala Harris, someone who polled low when she ran for president and now is constantly criticized for doing a poor job as a vice president.


Watch Ted Cruz dismantle her yet again.




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