by Frank

January 12, 2020

Joy Behar, from The View, went on an anti-Trump and anti-Republican voter binge during one of her shows. She was talking about a Republican commercial and showed it to the audience. She then slammed Republicans, saying they think their voters are stupid.

After that Joy Behar then said Trump rallies are filled with paid actors. Of course, she says this with no facts or evidence to back it up – she’s just saying it because that’s her feelings on it. Facts don’t care about feelings and Trump is filling large venues while candidates like Elizabeth Warren were hosting events in bowling alleys.

Kristine Marsh from News Busters chimed in on Joy Behar’s episode, saying:

They started the show recapping Halloween. After the co-hosts praised Behar’s “quid pro quo” t-shirt she was wearing, they put up an image of Donald Trump Jr., with his girlfriend, former FNC host Kimberly Guilfoyle, dressed up as a hunter and a witch, respectively ie: “witch hunt.” Behar and Hostin suddenly pretended they were animal rights activists:

“He’s a real hunter He likes to kill animals,” Sunny Hostin declared. Behar sneered, “Why would you brag about something like that?”

This comes just one week after they defended Whoopi Goldberg for being targeted by PETA for admitting she likes bacon.

Marsh knows what she’s talking about.

Here’s the video showing Joy Behar saying Trump rallies are filled with actors.

Start watching around the 4:00 mark for the good stuff.





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