by Frank

July 17, 2021

Outspoken actor who’s no stranger to knocking down the leftist culture, Hollywood’s own Jon Voight, reveals to Tucker Carlson a very personal experience with his faith.

Voight declared having a revelation during his life that showed he had a true purpose, that he wasn’t truly alone, and that having a “fear of the Lord” was essential in his success as a person and celebrity.

His life took a rough turn when he was going through a divorce and having trouble with his career, but Voight – the father of Angelina Jolie, finally had that moment of clarity that turned him around.

Voight suggests it was God himself who spoke to him as he laid on the floor in his home saying to himself “it’s so difficult” and that’s when it happened. Voight says he heard in his ear the words “it’s supposed to be difficult.”

WATCH the interview with Jon Voight and Tucker Carlson:

Jon Voight digs deep, tells Tucker Carlson personal story of faith at My Daily Freedom


Christian Post reported further on Voight’s experience:

“At that moment in time, I knew, I’m not alone,” Voight recalled. “Everything is known. … I am known.”

Voight, who said he was raised by devout Catholic parents but himself was not strong in his faith at that time, explained that while hearing the voice was unexpected, he felt “a tremendous energy” afterward and he began to believe someone was rooting for him.

Despite having been a person who didn’t believe someone was actually listening to his prayers up until that moment, after that divine encounter he realized he shouldn’t give up and his life had a purpose.

Everyone has a purpose, but sometimes finding that purpose is the most difficult challenge.

The report continued, quoting Voight’s words about his personal experience with faith:

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“Now, I know we’re covered. … Everything we think, everything we say, everything, it’s known. … They say God knows every bird that falls. … We all are known. We’re being observed, and helped and loved,” Voight said in the interview, a clip of which was posted on YouTube Thursday. “And we’re expected to get up and … do what’s right. … There’s a purpose here. And the purpose here is to learn our lessons and grow. And what’s the big deal? To give to each other, and to be here and be of help.”

Voight said the next morning he spoke to God directly and asked Him: “What do you got for me today?”

Everyday there’s a challenge somewhere, and it’s up to people to be strong and push through with their heads up, knowing they can crush anything they put their mind to.

What is on your challenge list for today?




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