by Frank

July 21, 2021

Well, that meeting didn’t go very well. In fact, after watching the video like ten times, I honestly thought we were back in 1864 and I was about to ask my butler slave to fetch me a drink of water.

The Alabama lawmaker is John “Tommy” Bryant who stands up and points at a Black councilwoman and asks “do we have a house n*word in here? Would she please stand up?”

And that’s when pretty much every jaw on the planet dropped at the same time, causing enough seismic vibrations to rupture the planet and take us all the way back to 1864 before they freed the slaves.

I really don’t know what this guy was thinking. Is he OK? Something wrong with his brain? What did he think would be the outcome of using such language towards an associate?

People demand he resign? Yeah, no kidding because he’s not being professional or respectful. It’s things like this that make white folks get labeled as racists because that was literally the most racist thing I have seen all week – and stupid too! Gosh, what an idiot.


I don’t like the Democratic Party very much, but you really can’t be dropping the n-word at them during a meeting. That’s just unprofessional as anything and if a Democrat did it – I’d be saying the same thing about them.

The Alabama Democrats want him to resign, but he says “absolutely not” and suggests he might even run for mayor next.

Well, the Republicans in Alabama called him out too, as reported:

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Alabama Republican Party Chairman John Wahl said in a statement that the party “is deeply troubled by the racially charged outburst and disrespect shown by Councilman Tommy Bryant. Such language is completely unacceptable in any setting, and even more concerning coming from an elected official.”

“The comments made at the Tarrant city council meeting have no place in government leadership, and if they reflect the opinion of Tommy Bryant he should immediately step down,” Wahl said.

Waynette Bonham, a Tarrant resident who was at the meeting, also said Bryant should resign.

“This is not who we need representing us at any capacity,” she told NBC News.

Bonham, who is Black, said Bryant’s outburst was in response to her questioning him about why his wife had repeatedly used the word in Facebook posts.

Screenshots appear to show Nancy Bryant writing in the posts that Tarrant Mayor Wayman Newton had used the phrase “house N-word” when referring to a Black council member. While an expletive is not spelled out in the post, the N-word is.

Sheesh! I don’t care what political party you represent. When you show up to work, act like it or get out.

Folks, this is wrong and we should not support it.




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