by Frank

December 12, 2020

President-elect Joe Biden was asked if he has spoken to Hunter Biden and if he committed a crime. Joe responded by saying, “I’m proud of my son” and that moment was caught on video and posted by CSPAN.

The infamous Hunter Biden laptop story has come back into the light and now multiple media outlets are reporting on it when they might have previously pushed the story off for a bit. Some media outlets may have waited until after the election to cover the story because there’s a chance that editors wanted Trump to lose, so their way of helping might have been to suppress a story damaging to Democratic candidate, Joe Biden, in hopes that not really talking about the laptop story, or anything else with Hunter Biden, wouldn’t scare people away from voting for his father.

Of course, that is merely speculation, but certainly is possible by any means. If there was a potentially damaging story about President Trump, then it’s entirely possible that pro-Trump websites and publications might hold off on the story close to election time as well. It’s all fun and games in politics and the media anymore and we don’t have as many non-partisan and honest outlets like we used to.

Perhaps our best bet these days is independent media who doesn’t seem to hold back and the local news who simply tells it like it is without commentary.

Here’s the CSPAN video of Joe Biden being asked about his son, Hunter Biden.





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