by Frank

July 17, 2021

A TikTok video is circulating social media showing a guy having the time of his life and it perfectly expresses the way I feel every time President Joe Biden or Vice President Kamala Harris are talking.

The man sitting on the left has a song playing and the lyrics are literally perfect. He looks happy, he’s got a drink sitting nearby, and he’s next to a beautiful woman. They’re on a boat, it seems like a nice weather day, and what else could this man need?

That’s right, absolutely nothing!

But you’ve got to hear this song, because I am saying this in my head every time Joe and his cackling side-hen are talking and it’s literally perfecto.

WATCH and LISTEN – but be warned, it contains a profanity:

How I Feel Every Time Joe Biden and Kamala Harris Start Talking at My Daily Freedom


Now let me ask you this – is there any other songs we could play that would capture how many of us feel about the Biden/Harris administration?

I’m sure there are.

But are there any songs as simple as this that capture it better? Not likely. Despite the profanity, the message is clear and I completely related to it.

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I also wonder if this is Joe and Kamala’s  favorite song.

If we asked them direct questions about important things going on in America, would this song’s lyrics be the answer they say in their heads?

Are you going to fix the border?

Are you going to fix inflation?

Are you going to help Cuba?

Are you going to stop CRT?

Are you going to stop letting biological men compete against women?

Are you going to start respecting the police?

Are you going to lower taxes?

Are you going to support voter ID?

Are you going to kick failing Democrats out of office?

These are all questions we might have, but get that answer back from our Democratic leaders – because after all, they’re just about milking that taxpayer paycheck anyway.

How often do Democrats in power of big blue cities really ever get things done?

How many years will Democrats of big urban cities continue to be in power while people STILL live in poverty?

It’s like they don’t even want to fix it… they just make enough promises to keep the voters happy and then repeat the process when they’re elected into power.

So rest assured, every time Joe or Kamala is talking – I don’t give a you know what.




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