by Frank

December 18, 2020

Joe Biden said his son Hunter is “the smartest man I know in pure intellectual capacity.” Anyway, Hunter’s mom is a doctor, so maybe he gets all his smarts from her. And think about it – anyone who takes a job for $80k+ per month despite having no skills and daddy being the vice president must be smart, right?

Watch the video:

Then again… someone who gets a stripper knocked up might not be the smartest. Not that I know from experience, but I can only imagine you take a little precaution on that one.

Hunter is caught up in some federal investigation that pertains to his taxes and some money and who knows where the investigations really lead. Since Joe Biden is set to be the next president, he can possibly pardon Hunter Biden. If that’s possible, then is an investigation worth the effort?

It is because then Americans and the rest of the world will have access to some information. It’s probably not, from a legal standpoint, because daddy will be there to the rescue with his magical pardon powers.

Then what’s next for Hunter? Vanishing into thin air with his wife, stopping at the club for old times sake, or passing out with a pipe in his mouth and having the photo leaked on the Internet. Oh, that part already happened. My bad.


This video is Joe Biden doing what every dad would probably do – defend the son, even if they are an idiot.

Anyway, I saw this meme and instantly thought of Hunter Biden and Joe.


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