by Frank

August 31, 2021

President Joe Biden is being ripped to shreds by critics as America just wrapped up the evacuation from Afghanistan in time to meet today’s deadline, all by the guidelines set by the Taliban who issued a warning stating that August 31st was their “red line” and suggested a consequence if we, the super power called America, didn’t listen to the guys who run around in sandals and oppressing women.

Biden has been facing calls to resign, criticism from media and political figures, and an overwhelming disgusts of his leadership (lack of) and terrible planning when it came to this withdrawal and evacuation.

13 United States service members were killed in a suicide attack in which ISIS-K breached the Taliban defense and was able to detonate an explosive. Who’s bright idea was it to trust perimeter security with the Taliban? Does that sound intelligent at all?

These guys don’t care and it’s not like they’re capable of protecting anyone to the same degree that a well trained group of American soldiers can do.

And now that the evacuation process is over and the Pentagon confirmed the last flight has left Afghanistan, we need to ask how many people are still left behind?

Is it even possible that we got everyone out? And by that I mean Americans and allies who helped us during those 20 years? Because the allies deserve protection as well. Just working with Americans put them at risk and to leave them stranded would be devastating to them as well.


So what are people saying about Joe Biden?

Well, Kayleigh McEnany says Joe Biden is cruel and not compassionate or caring. She sounds absolutely disgusted with Joe Biden.


Here's some stupid ads. I don't care if you click on them or not. They're probably bullsh-t anyway.

Former military man Pete Hegseth slammed Joe Biden for checking his watch as 13 fallen Americans arrived in Delaware. Hegseth suggests Joe Biden’s actions were nothing more than a betrayal. Pete Hegseth’s video is quite damning considering his military experience.

At least one military mom of a fallen American has publicly blamed Joe Biden for the loss of her son. She called out Joe Biden and Democrats who voted for him, taking a stand against them and saying this is their fault.


And look at Joe Biden here looking like he MAY have fallen asleep during a meeting. This is a meeting that was on video and it’s hard to tell, but Joe Biden got accused of falling asleep during this. Maybe he was deep in thought or listening, or maybe he was actually dozing off. Will he ever admit it? That’s to be decided, of course.


What are people on social media saying about Joe Biden? Well, that’s for you to find out. Check your newsfeed. Check your best news groups and news pages. WHAT are they saying?

For me, there’s an overwhelming sadness that we have 13 fallen soldiers. They knew the risk of their job, but they were presented a job with almost no security or and terrible planning. This may not have happened if we had competent leadership and people planning properly.

There’s a huge call from a lot of my followers saying Joe Biden should resign, but we all know that will not happen. And if Joe Biden resigned, we’d be left with cackling Kamala Harris who is one of the least talented and most useless people in politics. She doesn’t belong in the White House. Even the custodial staff at the White House is more talented than she is.

And if Kamala Harris became president and we impeached her, then I think we’re left with Nancy Pelosi, and she would just sit there eating her expensive ice cream and laughing in people’s faces who don’t have a freezer full of $12 French vanilla.

This is going to be a long three years with one of the worst presidential combos in history in my opinion.

If Joe Biden can mess this much up in just a few months, then imagine how bad things will be after a full four years.

Joe Biden is 78-years-old sometimes seems like he’s barely functional. The Democrats are pushing him around like a puppet, just so they didn’t have to deal with Donald Trump.

Joe Biden should be in retirement, not the White House.




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