by Frank

July 22, 2021

That’s your president!

Joe Biden’s town hall with CNN was off to a great start in a room that was barely filled. It’s unclear if there was a limit on how many audience members could attend, but the room was definitely NOT PACKED.

But then President Joe Biden got on stage and started talking and that’s where it became even funnier!

Joe Biden seemed to be pretty quick at times, but other times not so quick and gave several long drawn out answers. It was like he didn’t have a teleprompter and his thoughts were working through smudged-up brain cells, trying to get through to his audience.

Either way, the video above gives you just an example of how Joe Biden can slow down at times, as if he’s not really sure what he’s supposed to be saying, so he’s just rambling on and making less sense as he goes.


I’m telling ya, colleges should offer a course in understanding Joe Biden speeches. We would all have a Masters Degree in it at this point – or we would have failed out of college and be working at Subway making sandwiches. You know,  because spending $50k on a worthless degree is cool now, right?

Just ask liberals about it!




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