by Frank

July 22, 2021

I thought I was a fairly intelligent guy until I heard Joe Biden speak.

I was utterly confused when Joe Biden was speaking at times, but not just about him – a lot deeper than that – confused about the country and people who voted for this. What were THEY thinking?

Now I don’t know if I’m the dumb one, or Joe Biden is, and sadly – this is our president!

Does it take a doctorate degree to understand what President Joe Biden is trying to say when he starts muttering incoherently? Is that why Joe Biden married a “doctor” named Jill?

We’ve elected a president who rambles on incoherently at times and what does that say about the voters?


Are the voters the dumb people, or did we elect a dumb person as president?

It’s almost like a mix of both. It’s really mind boggling listening to this man speak now compared to how he sounded 20+ years ago when he could run off a speech fairly quickly and sounded great. Is it just Joe Biden’s age and mental decline?

Was there not one other Democrat in the entire country who was likeable enough that could have taken Joe Biden’s place? What does that tell us about the state of American politics, when the only person the DNC really wants as the leader is an incoherent babbling old man who really should be in retirement, enjoying himself on the beaches of Delaware?

Here's some stupid ads. I don't care if you click on them or not. They're probably bullsh-t anyway.

Where did we go wrong!!??

And for the record, I didn’t vote for Joe Biden. I’d rather have mean tweets and better policy than Joe Biden being nice and all this inflation.

If you voted for Joe Biden, then you owe this country an apology.




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