by Frank

December 18, 2020

President-elect Joe Biden and his doctor wife, Jill, were on the Late Show with Stephen Colbert. Jill responded to attacks on her doctorate degree because people are saying she’s not a real doctor, you know, like the people who save lives in the medical field, or the ones who do important work in science, like make cures and figure out rocket ships.

I respect that she has an advanced degree, but I won’t ever refer to her as a doctor.

Watch the video of her and Joe Biden addressing the attacks on her degree:


Jill Biden has a doctorate related to education, which is fairly easy to attain and pretty much anyone can get this.

To get a doctorate like Jill Biden is simple. You go to college, then you get a masters which is about 30 extra credits, then you sign up for the PhD program which is about 30 more credits after that.


So basically, you’re doing about two years worth of college AFTER college and now you’re a “doctor.”

In reality, most people who graduate college often go right into their masters for an extra year of school, or they go to work right away, chipping away at masters and PhD level courses at night.

I already had people crying to me that getting your PhD is hard and Jill Biden worked so hard to get it and she deserves the “doctor” title, and let me tell you – getting a degree in education is a breeze.

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You can literally sleep through these education courses and still pass and get your piece of paper. I know this because I have a masters and it’s pretty much worthless. If I took 30 more credits, I’d be a doctor too.

Do you really think my work if lifesaving?


In fact, the doctor title should no longer append itself to degrees in things like education, literature, liberal arts related topics because these people are NOT real doctors. Not even close.

Jill Biden’s type of degree should be called the Masters Plus because that’s all it is.

And you want to know what else? Teachers only get masters degrees and PhD’s because it gets them a raise or allows them to gain an administrative position.

The smartest teachers take the cheapest online courses and they ALL get the same raise.

Yes, I know this for a fact because that’s literally how it works. It doesn’t matter if a teacher has a Masters or PhD from Harvard or any other school – they all get the same raise.

So if you’re a teacher and you want the cheapest smartest solution to get a raise – then get the cheapest advanced degrees you can find, double check that your school district accepts it, and BOOM! Easy raise and no big tuition bill.

And if you get a PhD, then we’ll call you doctor!

Eh, maybe we won’t, but at least you’ll get a second raise and maybe become an administrator one day where you can demand all the chitlins in school call you “doctor” even though the school nurse has more lifesaving skills than you do.




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