by Frank

July 15, 2021

Are there pigs flying outside your window? Take a look? Or maybe Satan is freezing his horns off right now. Either way, it took a question from a Fox News reporter who confronted White House press secretary Jen Psaki on the leftist rhetoric that suggested Cubans were protesting because of Covid numbers, but in reality – they just want some darn freedom!

Peter Doocy asked Psaki about this, and out of nowhere she acted like a normal human being with a soul. Be right back, I’m picking my jaw off the floor as I type this in disbelief.

So what exactly did Jen Psaki say

Well, when Doocy asked her about the Cuban protests going on, she finally admitted that “Communism is a failed ideology” and that’s when everyone I know went OHHHHH WOW!

I was waiting for Jen Psaki to be like the Sham-Wow guy or bust out with a “BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE” and say “taxation is theft and Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are bad at their job.”

Psaki didn’t go that far, but it was nice to finally see her recognize the nonsense the Cubans are going through and the fact they deserve that good old fashioned freedom like we have.


But will President Joe Biden do anything to help?

Mayorkas is already telling Cubans “don’t risk your life” coming here on a dingy. You know, the people who actually WANT freedom and WANT help, are the ones not allowed in – meanwhile there’s people breaking into America by walking into the country down at the border of Texas and Mexico – and some of them are criminals. Oh wait, if you enter a country illegally, that, by default, kinda makes you a criminal right off the bat.

Here’s the video of Jen Pssssssaki shocking the world with an anti-Communism statement, something “The Squad” probably got mad at:

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