by Frank

August 29, 2020

Jacob Blake was shot by police seven times in the back as he refused to comply, after he was hit with a taser, and after someone called 911 on him. The Jacob Blake shooting video is evident and we can all see what happened.

However, Jacob Blake’s criminal history is being discussed all over social media and some people are mixing up the facts and it’s important that we get them right.

So let’s take a look at Jacob Blake’s criminal background so that we can start using some facts and not some random quote we saw on Facebook or Twitter that completely distorts the “whole picture” one way or another.

Now this does not include police complaints, which may include much worse or less worse allegations.

This is strictly his current records, from what we have discovered based on a fact check report by USA Today.

Jacob Blake had one open case with warrants

USA Today stated:


Blake was charged July 6 with felony third-degree sexual assault and misdemeanor trespassing and disorderly conduct. All three offenses carried a penalty enhancer because they were connected to domestic abuse.

The charges — which have not gone to trial — stem from a May 3 incident in Kenosha County. A woman Blake knew told police he came into her house about 6 a.m., sexually assaulted her and then took a debit card and car keys before fleeing in her vehicle, according to a criminal complaint. Contrary to many social media claims, the woman involved in this case was an adult.

A warrant for Blake’s arrest was filed the day after the criminal complaint, online court records show.

Jacob Blake faced charges, but was not convicted for gun use

USA Today states:

Blake was charged with a gun-related offense in 2015, but he was not convicted… Our review of court records shows a confrontation at a Racine County, Wisconsin, bar led to a combative traffic stop and a total of five criminal charges in September 2015, including resisting an officer, disorderly conduct and three gun-related ones… But those charges were later dismissed on a motion from prosecutors, said Racine County Clerk of Circuit Court Samuel Christensen. The court file said it was dismissed in February 2018 “due to witness issues and age of case.”

What is factually true about Jacob Blake’s criminal history?

USA Today says:

It is true that Blake did have an active warrant for sexual assault and several other crimes related to domestic violence at the time he was shot. But Blake [was] not convicted of any prior gun offenses. Charges filed in 2015 were ultimately dismissed at the request of prosecutors.

Commentary about the Jacob Blake situation

Despite the shooting and how justified or not justified people believe it to be, the criminal history of Jacob Blake when it comes to sexual assault is rather disturbing.

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It’s disturbing because so many people are defending him, knowing that he has a warrant for sexual assault, and these are some of the same people who were spouting off about #MeToo.

Many people in America want police reform, but many also want people to start following the law and be more consistent in their values.

Do you defend a man with warrants for sexual assault after he was shot by police?

How does that work in the morals of someone’s mind?

Perhaps the shooting does get called bad by a judge, but what do the defenders do next? Give the man with a warrant for sexual assault a pat on the back?

Does anyone else see the moral dilemma in all of this?

And of course, there’s always the chance that the criminal complaint and accusations of sexual assault are false. We’ve seen so many women file false complaints against males, women caught hitting themselves on camera, and women caught in straight up lies where the male was accused – but did nothing of the sort.

The #MeToo movement became a joke over the years as more and more accusations were deemed to be false.

So if that’s the case, then there is no moral dilemma.

And after everything else – we still come down to the same root problem that happens in so many police shootings – the utter disrespect for the law.

We need to start following the law and restore respect in our police officers.




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