by Frank

September 11, 2021

Jack Posobiec had the Internet laughing way too hard when he slapped Brian Stelter with a hilarious joke.

Jack posted: “This guy is 36 and wants to tell you how to be healthy” and it was after Stelter had made a tweet about a certain group of people. Poso knows best in this case and Stelter is just out there tweeting jibberish for ratings. Oh wait, what ratings! Stelter’s ratings are about as good as his hairline and BMI.

Here’s the tweet of the week from Poso, followed by the pics he posted:

Brian Stelter has long been one of the most useless CNN talking heads out there. That guy blocked me on Twitter after just one comment because he can’t even handle the criticism thrown his way.

His show is called “Reliable Sources” and he’s literally not a reliable source. He’s just a biased opinion based show who talks trash on the right side of politics, but he’s not very good at it.

brian stelter

There is nothing wrong with being a biased show and talking trash – that’s basically what I do, but at least 1) ADMIT IT, 2) BE GOOD AT IT, and 3) DON’T CALL YOURSELF A RELIABLE SOURCE when you’re clearly not.

This guy is one of the worst on TV and I feel bad for his fans who sit through this drivel. Are the fans OK? Do they have mental illness or something?

Here’s Joe Rogan roasting Stelter just like everyone else does.

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