by Frank

December 8, 2020

Leave it to the daughter of the President to show us why she’s the troll in chief when it comes to following after her father’s footsteps.

All it took was one single photo of her father to send the left into an oblivion of tweets telling her how bad she is and screaming at the sky about her father, good ol’ Donny.

Ivanka shared a photo of Donald Trump from summer time when he visited Mount Rushmore and it shows him in what could be the perfect spot if they were to add another president. So she pretty much triggered anyone who came across the photo and didn’t like the President, like a true communist, and they freaked out accordingly – because that’s exactly what people do nowadays when they see a photo they don’t like.

So much for the whole “unity” thing, right?

Make no mistake, Donald Trump definitely posed in that specific spot for it. This was no accident and he knew it would trigger people, and he sure was right. He’s nearly a perfectionist when it comes to trolling his adversaries and he knows it. He’s good at it, too!

Months later when Ivanka posts it and dates it as being from July, she’s getting all sorts of reactions and it got wild like it always does on social media. Nothing new there, and not much nice to say either considering the responses I’ve seen. Wow, do these people ever say anything nice? Well maybe, but not to the president. And yes, Donald Trump is still president until January 20.


Ivanka wrote the following caption with the photo, saying “Amazing photo of @RealDonaldTrump during his visit to Mount Rushmore on July 3, 2020 (AP /Alex Brandon)” and it was off to the races getting over 47,000 comments in response.

Ain’t that something! I can’t even get 4-7 comments on a post and she gets 47,000! Phenomenal.

And here we go down the rabbit hole with quite a few bitter people. Sheesh, can’t a daughter get some respect for her pappy?

Here's some stupid ads. I don't care if you click on them or not. They're probably bullsh-t anyway.

Had to wrap it up with Hillary Clinton of course. No Trump thread is complete without someone mentioning Hillary Clinton. She is always a top guest in the comment section of the Trump family.

Well, now it’s her and Joe Biden, but not so much Kamala Harris. She’s like the one no one seems to care about, just thrown in there for who she is, not what she has accomplished.

Oh snap.




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