by Frank

December 8, 2020

You can’t make this stuff up. Actually, I could make this stuff up. I’m pretty creative when it comes to making up nonsense, but I don’t have to make anything up when the comic strip known as Ilhan Omar keeps on keeping on.

Joe Biden *won* the election and called for unity, trying to bring Americans together since we are more divided now than we’ve ever been – and that’s mostly because of the media harping on it and people on social media being narcissists.

It was a grand gesture by Biden that I was actually glad to hear him say, but clearly no one else heard it – especially Ilhan Omar who’s now selling a shirt that says “F**k Around and Find Out” and I just have so many jokes about this.

Did she say this to her new husband’s wife when they were cheating and Omar was being a homewrecker? Did Trump say this to her when they impeached him and he BEAT IT because they had nothing worthy of an impeachment and Democrats were grasping at invisible straws?

Did Omar ever explain what her shirt is about? Because, to be honest, most of us probably think this is her taking a jab at President Trump and it’s not even a good swipe at the guy.

When she says “f–k around and find out” I’m just thinking, ten bucks says she won’t say that in Somalia!


That’s a saying better fit for someone who doesn’t get laughed at and dunked on via Twitter about accusations of her marrying her own brother in an elaborate, or stupid, immigration allegation. Of course, that’s an accusation, not a fact, because I do not have evidence of it – so it’s just a rumor until we get proof.

It just cracks me up that the Democrats aren’t even on the same page and their guy allegedly won.

You’d think they would be happy, but they’re putting out dumb shirts like this and they’re in a government position where they’re supposed to be respected, but we’re just sitting here laughing at Ilhan Omar and making jokes about her being a brother-lover.

Here's some stupid ads. I don't care if you click on them or not. They're probably bullsh-t anyway.

Will government ever be respected again? I guess we won’t know unless we “f–k around and find out” – whatever that even means to her.

Btw, this shirt costs $30 and has her name on it. You could get the same thing screen printed for less or even make your own with a cheap plain shirt and some letters from the craft store.

ilhan omar vulgar shirt

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Photo Gage Skidmore




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