by Frank

August 20, 2020

Disgraced Hunter Biden will speak at the final night of the DNC, right before his candidate father, Joe Biden. Hunter is best known as being mixed up with the Burisma controversy where he was getting paid $83k a month. Hunter Biden was also wrapped up in scandals with a pregnant dancer, substance abuse, stealing his brothers identity, and so many problems that we can’t even keep track anymore. But still, he’ll be speaking on a national platform for a man who’s running for president of the United States.

If this speaks anything about the Democrats, then I don’t know what it is, other then the fact they clearly do not take anything serious and they constantly keep making terrible decisions.

Here’s what Axios wrote about Hunter speaking at the DNC:

Why it matters: Trump and his allies have sought to exploit the controversy over Hunter Biden’s paid board position at Ukrainian gas company Burisma — held while his father was the Obama administration’s point man on Ukraine — to damage Joe Biden.

  • Trump’s efforts to pressure the Ukrainian government to investigate the Bidens culminated in his impeachment and subsequent acquittal in the Senate.
  • Hunter will speak with his sister, Ashley Biden, to tell DNC audience members about their father.

Reality check: Hunter’s role with Ukrainian energy company Burisma did raise conflict-of-interest concerns at the time. But there is no evidence that the former vice president committed “corruption” of any kind in the country while his son worked at Burisma, as Trump and his allies have claimed.

Sure, it’s a major conflict-of-interest, but the other issues are just as bad. Hunter Biden is certainly not a role model and there’s plenty of times it seems like Joe Biden doesn’t even accept Hunter’s child with his dancer mommy as part of their own family – at least in my opinion.

So far the DNC has brought several panelists or speakers/performs on board and it’s been more of a circus act and freak show to me. Everything from Billy Porter dressed as a halfwit vampire to some panelist who identifies as a “queen-king mermaid” – then there was Nancy Pelosi speaking early over the announcer. Just one mess after another is what it seems. They had four years to prepare for this, so what happened?

Here’s the video of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi having a mishap at the beginning of her speech:


OOPS! Pelosi starts talking way too early at DNC at Trending Views




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