by Frank

July 25, 2021

I guess Hunter Biden is completely off limits.

This guy can do no wrong since his daddy is President Joe Biden.

Despite having a history of drug abuse, knocking up a stripper, casually say the N-word in text messages, trying to date his brother’s widow, that whole thing with Burisma where he was paid $80k-ish per MONTH, and now the Hunter Biden leaked video – it’s like this guy is invincible.

How does Joe Biden not address this on an almost daily basis and force his son into rehab? Instead, Hunter Biden is painting bizarre things and attempting to sell his art work to anonymous buyers – something many people consider the perfect way to solicit donations for his father in exchange for passing bills. In other words, money laundering and buying out a politician. Of course, that’s just speculation and nothing can prove Hunter Biden art sales are not legit. Maybe they are, but judging by his history – they’re probably not.

Here’s the leaked Hunter Biden video that allegedly comes from his laptop – but again, we don’t have evidence to support the origin of the video, but the leaked Hunter Biden video sure looks terrible for his father.

WATCH the Hunter Biden leaked video:


So what’s Hunter Biden smoking?

It looks like he’s smoking crack. However, due to the inability to test what’s in his pipe, we cannot confirm what Hunter Biden is smoking, and we can only say what we THINK it might be.

Here's some stupid ads. I don't care if you click on them or not. They're probably bullsh-t anyway.

Don’t confuse our speculation with facts because that would be irresponsible.

Some websites might say Hunter Biden is smoking crack, but obviously it’s difficult to tell.

We can see that Hunter Biden looks absolutely terrible in the video, like the way a junkie would look if he just woke up because someone called him too early in the morning.

But I thought Hunter Biden was a working man? Wasn’t he up bright and early every day doing that job in Burisma, or did he never actually work a day in his life?

For someone who’s so much of a bum, this guy sure has a lot of money and knows how to pick the ladies!

By the way, does Hunter Biden’s kid with the stripper mom get invited to family dinner with Joe Biden? Does Joe Biden recognize the child as his grandchild?

Must be nice for Hunter Biden to have a president daddy with tons of money. You know what though? I’d rather have less money, not be a junkie, and not have a Democrat father ruining the country.

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