by Frank

December 11, 2020

You know that computer repair shop that was in the midst of the whole Hunter Biden laptop story? Well, turns out he posted a video claiming that he is NOT a Russian spy nor a hacker. He posted this video days ago and it received a lot less views then anyone might have imagined.

I thought it would be a huge story, but turns out the guy in the weird hat sure can’t pull an audience. His video was posted on December 5th and he doesn’t even have 100k views at this point (he might by the time you see it).

His name is John Paul Mac Isaac and he claims he was only “hired, never paid” to work on a MacBook Pro, taking information from that and putting it in an external hard drive. That’s the hard drive that people claimed Hunter Biden’s emails about overseas business was exposed, according to NY Post.

“For two generations, the Mac Isaac family has fought for the entirety of the Cold War against communism in the ’70s… That’s why it’s completely absurd that why anyone would ever consider me to be a Russian agent or influenced by Russians. I am proud of my family, I’m proud of my country. I am proud to be an American.”

Yeah, yeah, yeah – find me the laptop and show us what’s on it. That’s what people want to see.

Whatever is going on with this story is one thing, but that man’s hat is another problem. I just don’t know why he picked that weird hat to wear in a video where he’s defending himself in what could be one of the biggest stories of the year.


No matter what happens with the Hunter Biden laptop story, it just cannot be unseen this French artist looking hat in a light brown poo color. Someone please get this man some fashion tips. It looks like something you put on a newborn for a photo shoot.

Enjoy the video below.

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