by Frank

May 11, 2021

A breaking news report out of the NFL has disgraced quarterback Colin Kaepernick back in the spotlight.

The Jacksonville Jaguars reported that they might consider signing former quarterback Tim Tebow as a tight end. As soon as the news broke about Tebow getting another shot in the NFL, many activist football fans immediately brought up Colin Kaepernick and complained that he never got another chance in the NFL.

However, that’s not entirely true.

One report shows Kaepernick rejected a pay-cut offer from the Denver Broncos. They allegedly offered him $7 million, but it was less than what his remaining contract with the 49ers was. However, if he accepted the Broncos offer, then he would’ve been signed on a team and could have worked his way back up to a starting position and his next contract could’ve been massive. But instead, Kaepernick declined and dropped out of the league.

Several years later, Colin Kaepernick worked out for NFL teams in Atlanta in November of 2019, but no NFL teams were impressed enough to bring him on, particularly as a starting QB, as many speculate that’s what Kaepernick would want. Kaepernick’s second shot was that workout and nothing ever came of of it.

The 49ers were 4-12 in 2015-2016 season with Kaepernick losing the starting QB role to Blaine Gabbert who is a terrible quarterback, a 3rd stringer at best. Having a year like that could also be why teams don’t show an interest in Kaepernick.


Not to mention the social justice warrior baggage and disruption that Kaepernick could cause to any team he joined, but his statistics and play just didn’t warrant starting QB money – something many speculate would have been the only thing he would accept. Many suggest Kaepernick wouldn’t take a backup role and his play certainly didn’t warrant top tier starter money.

Kaepernick himself wrote on social media, on November 12, 2019, “I’m just getting word from my representatives that the NFL league office reached out to them about a workout in Atlanta on Saturday. I’ve been in shape and ready for this for 3 years, can’t wait to see the head coaches and GMs on Saturday.

Except, no one called Kaepernick after the workout. It just wasn’t that good.

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When people say Kaepernick didn’t get a second shot, then they need to be reminded that he was offered a pay-cut contract from Denver and had workouts – essentially two second chances to remain in the NFL.

Tim Tebow couldn’t cut it as a quarterback despite winning a playoff game and now, years later, he’s making an attempt to join a team as a tight end.

He doesn’t have much experience at the position, but he’s a fairly large body with athleticism. If he can run and catch, then he might be good enough to make it as a backup tight end for the Jaguars.

Tebow is trying to reinvent himself at a new position instead of demanding people take him as a quarterback. He also spent several years on the New York Mets minor league baseball team, so he’s been active in another sport as well.

What’s Kaepernick doing besides social justice warrior things? Kaepernick could have joined another football league to stay in top tier shape. even Johnny Manziel, who was a complete bust in the NFL because he’s just not taking anything seriously and his habits off the field have turned him into a washed up train-wreck, was able to weasel his way into a new startup football league.

At some point people need to accept that Kaepernick had his chances and his career in the NFL is over.

For Tim Tebow, he’s taking a different route and trying something new without all the baggage – and there’s no guarantee Tim Tebow makes the roster for the Jacksonville Jaguars. Players can be signed, but they still need to make the final cut.

That’s the difference.




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