by Frank

July 23, 2021

Sarah Huckabee Sanders has officially stated she will not have several mandates if she is elected as the new governor of Arkansas. She further stated that she’s a believer in personal freedom and being responsible people who make their own decisions.

Specifically, Huckabee Sanders mentioned Florida’s Republican Governor, Ron DeSantis, and she said: “If I’m elected governor here in Arkansas, we will not have mask mandates, we will not have mandates on the vaccine, we will not shut down churches and schools and other large gatherings because we believe in personal freedom and responsibility.”

Huckabee Sanders announced her run for governor back in January of this year. If she wins, she would be the first female governor of Arkansas.

Sitting governor Ava Hutchinson cannot run for reelection because of term limits, which is something every government position should have to prevent people from being career politicians who are no longer effective and only do enough to keep their job.

This is Sarah Huckabee Sanders campaign video that launched in January:


Sarah Huckabee Sanders has raised over $9 million so far, breaking the record for most money raised by a campaign for governor in that state, as reported by THV11:

Former White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders’ campaign says she has raised over $9 million in her bid to be Arkansas’ next governor.

Sanders will report raising $4.2 million in the second quarter, including more than $1.5 million from Arkansans, increasing her total to $9.1 million from over 67,000 donors.

This shatters the record for the most money ever raised by any campaign for governor in state history.

In Arkansas, the campaign has raised more than $3 million total from nearly 9,000 Arkansans.

“I am thankful for the outpouring of support from all across our state,” Sarah Huckabee Sanders said. “It’s clear Arkansans want a leader who will defend our freedom and stand up to the radical left, grow our economy and create jobs, and increase access to quality education and opportunity for a brighter, more prosperous future.”

Best of luck to Sarah Huckabee Sanders in her run for governor.

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