by Frank

July 20, 2021

House GOP Leaders spent 20 minutes condemning President Joe Biden amid the record high inflation in last 12-13 years and the crisis in Cuba where protesters are standing up for their basic freedoms, but seems like Biden isn’t helping there either.

The GOP leadership also touched on the humanitarian crisis happening at the border of United States and Mexico, something else that has seen record numbers in a certain amount of years.

So American economy stinks and people are paying more for many items, Cubans can’t get their basic freedom and escape communism, and the border of US and Mexico is a complete disaster.

That’s just three big problems we’re all dealing with as Joe Biden and Kamala Harris administration takes over the White House and proves, thus far, they are not very capable leaders and the people under them aren’t the best decision makers either.

What can they do to fix these three problems?


Inflation: stop demanding $15 be minimum wage, make rent affordable again, and do SOMETHING to fix the gas prices. Basically, go back to what we were this time last year as it was probably better off – except rent was still too high and skill-less jobs were still paying $15 – but at least my gas was $2.

Border disaster: shut it down and build the wall. Put Trump policies back into effect and let border patrol do their job with a budget that helps them stay safe and secure the border. Help the people who want to enter America the legal way so they are law-abiding citizens as they enter. Nothing wrong with immigration, just come through the front door legally instead of sneaking in.

Cuba communism: there is no room for communism in a civilized era. Overthrow them and put better people in leadership roles. Out with communism, in with common sense.

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There you go, folks. Three problems solved by some random guy on the Internet without spending millions to discuss it for the next ten years.

If Trump or DeSantis doesn’t run for president, then you’ve got me!




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