by Frank

October 7, 2021

Here’s a man just trying to do his job when he allegedly witnesses people disrespecting hotel patrons or employees. He gets in their faces outside and demands they don’t ever disrespect anyone in that hotel ever again. He acknowledges that he’s being recorded and clearly does not care as he strikes fear into these folks.

He will take 20 years of military and use it! Now don’t come up in here disrespecting people and get outta my hotel! GET OUT! He tells the girl recording to get out and she’s like, ‘oooooh I’m walking away, ‘and it’s clear she is just standing there – which he easily points out. Sure he might have gotten a little over the top, but you know what – this generation needs to be reminded to act right. Now I don’t think he would have touched them, but instead wanted to scare them straight into acting like a decent person again. But if he did lay hands on them, then he’d clearly be in the wrong – even if they were wrong too. He definitely can’t cross that line, but he can certainly set them straight and deliver a message.

It seems like the person recording him was trying to make him look bad, but just looks like an awesome guy to me. He’s standing up for people against a few people who seem like they have an entitled mentality and want to be out disrespecting people. Well, this guy is here to let everyone know that if you step foot in that hotel, then you better act right and be respectful. And that’s HOW IT SHOULD BE.





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