by Frank

October 2, 2021

Sean Hannity ripped on President Joe Biden a new one on that 78-year-old walking puppet of a Democrat carcass inhabiting the White House with his ‘heels up’ sidekick Kamala Harris.

Hannity suggested that Biden wants to have a ‘socialist’ economic takeover and many of us with common sense, a job, and don’t want to eat the household cat for lunch one day would think “wow, that sounds like a really bad idea.”

We didn’t have this problem when Trump was in office, in my opinion, and handing out money and spending mega-trillions on things we may not need, or things that are poorly budgeted, just sounds like a really terrible idea.

You know, like that universal basic income bullsh*t. I honestly would love the government to give me free money every month, but I know the side-effect is the United States becoming the laziest and most stupid country on the planet.

We already have Democrat cities that act like this, so we don’t need the whole country to become useless like them.

Free money is cool until you realize your free money is worthless and your society has turned into a 3rd world sh*thole.


That’s the tipping point where Vladimir Putin and Kim Jon Un become best friends and take over America. Do you really want that free money now?

Here’s what Hannity said:

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