by Frank

November 30, 2020

This is what you get for being sneaking that new console on launch date! A man in Taiwan had to sell his Playstation 5 (PS5) when his wife discovered that it wasn’t an air purifier.

This was all discovered via a Facebook post that I can’t actually read, but saw it on IGN and I take their word for it.

The man who bought it is named Jin Wu and he called the seller after they set up details of the sale. The seller was letting it go at a decent price, unlike the soulless scalpers who resell game systems for double and triple the cost.

Based on IGN’s report, the sale went a little bit like this:

“The voice on the phone was that of a woman who doesn’t sound like the type to play video games. The price (of the PS5) was also very cheap and she sounded eager to sell it off,” he said in the Facebook post that was posted on November 21.

“When the reseller arrived to meet me, I was surprised to find a middle-aged man and I knew at first glance that he played video games,” he added.

Curious to find out more, Wu asked the man where he had purchased the PS5, to which the man replied, “PCHome” (an e-commerce website).

“Then you’re very good at finding good bargains. Did you order two? Otherwise, why would you sell it?” Wu asked the man. After a moment’s silence, the man replied: “My wife wants to me to sell it.”

Finally, the seller said: “It turns out that women can tell the difference between a PS5 and an air filter.”

Now there’s two big problems with this. The first problem is that the PS5 is way too big and way too ugly. If people are trying to pawn it off as an air purifier, and it ALMOST works, then that’s a problem.

Second, the guy who isn’t allowed to have a game system at home should lose his man card or ditch the wife.


Just divorce her right now.

There is nothing she can offer this man that he can’t get somewhere else unless she’s got a killer pension, six-figure salary, and a snapper if ya catch my drift.

A man who grew up on gaming deserves to continue his hobby, but only if he’s keeping the wife pleased. If not, send her my way. My Tinder profile is not getting any action… oh and that’s probably because I’m a gamer too, but oh well!

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