by Frank

December 6, 2020

A man took a photo of a woman on a plane to complain about her not wearing a mask and coughing, but then got called out for taking the photo without her permission and get called a creep.

The girl was called out for dressing like this and not wearing shoes. And even the airline got involved when he posted the photo of her, sparking social media chaos like ever.

The man posted the following message, “Flew on Southwest today. Woman across the isle coughing her head off no mask. No seat belt and using her phone on take off” and shared the photo below with his post.

creepy pic on plane

After people saw his comment and the photo of the girl in relaxing clothes and no shoes, seat belt, or mask sitting quietly next to someone – the people on Twitter turned on the guy and referred to him as a creepy fellow for taking the picture without her permission.

This is probably not the response the man expect to receive in his post calling her out and publicly shaming the woman. It’s a good thing her face is not visible in the photo or she might be coming after him for doing this.


Here are some of the reactions to his post and some of them are pretty funny to us, but probably not to the man who posted this in the first place. And to be fair, many of the comments did support the man and his quest for getting her to wear a mask, or at least get the airline to enforce policy.

Some folks even jumped on the passenger, saying she has no class sitting on a plane with no shoes and her pajamas.

Southwest Air jumped into the mentions too.

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She’s got a point ya know. You’re basically in a tube filled with everyone’s breath and it’s rather nasty if someone has something and breathes on you.




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