by Frank

October 2, 2021

Another night on the air and the ‘Gutfeld!’ panel smashes Democrat-run cities where crime is soaring higher than Snoop Dogg and the mayors seem more clueless on a daily basis. Yeah, that’s mayors like Lori Lightfoot in Chicago, and Jim Kenney in Philadelphia, as they deal with staggering crime rates and have no clue how to fix it.

Gutfeld’s panel chimes in, suggesting that law and order has been emasculated and I think they’re right. Ever since the Obama years we’ve seen a little bit of disrespect being thrown in the face of those who fight crime and deal with America’s worst people – or people who found themselves in terrible situations. Some criminals could be good folks in the toughest most challenging part of their lives, while others are just scumbags robbing an Ulta for no reason other than being a loser.

But when I was a youngster, I was taught to respect police and follow directions. Nowadays, it’s like you have people who just do whatever they want and don’t take the law, their fellow man, or even morality into the picture. They just don’t care.

Perfect example is those videos where people walk into stores with a garbage bag and fill them up with products and just walk right out. They’re on camera and still don’t care. Broad daylight? Oh well, don’t care.

We have people who literally refuse to listen to police who have a weapon on them and refuse to drop it. Then they get blasted and Democrats throw a fit as if the cops had no other option, because many times – they don’t. They would like to go home to their family too, and if some crazed maniac has a gun or a knife, then it’s well within the reason for the cops to drop them like a bad habit.

You ain’t finding a social worker out there who can stop a crazy person with a weapon. Once that cray cray is in their eyes, they’re too far gone. You may as well pass them their own shovel and tell them to start digging because there’s often no turning back. Just bury yourself at this point so the cops don’t have to do paperwork.


WATCH Gutfeld and the crew dismantle the nonsense:




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