by Frank

January 11, 2021

Popular Fox News host, Greg Gutfeld, made a stunning announcement this week that may have caught a few fans off-guard. Then again, considering what’s been going on all week since the Capitol incident and social media knocking President Trump off their platforms – it’s actually not that surprising.

The surprising part of that day was watching people do terrible things that made us all look bad, like getting a cop crushed in a door on video.

After Twitter and several other platforms dumped Trump, numerous others started closing their accounts or making it known they would take their social media desires elsewhere.

Gutfeld is one of them and he posted a message to his fans saying the following, “okay, this IS my last tweet: CNN tries to get FNC banned. Apple targets Parler. Publishers dump writers. music labels drop artists. twitter bans/removes thousands. tech companies join hands. this redefines who the true rebels are. if you like the purge, you’re the servant.”

Gutfeld has not posted in about two days, but of course, with everything else in the world comes uncertainty and it’s highly likely that he will return if he doesn’t see good results on another platform.

If he really wants to take a stand, then maybe deactivating his account entirely and never looking back might be the solution to that. However, as a man in the business, he knows social media is crucial to connecting with fans and if no other platforms work out – then there’s always Twitter to fall back on. After all, Gutfeld has 1.6 million fans and he’s trying to sell a book, so there’s no way he will actually throw that audience away because at some point, it will affect the money in his pockets and he’ll be back just like everyone else.


When alternative social media options are unable to keep up with technology, server costs, and making sure the bills are paid – that’s when they start shutting down and people flock back to legacy sites like Twitter and Facebook. Not because they prefer those platforms, but because they are still up and everyone else is still there.

On the bright-side, if you want to check out an alternative social media platform that has an underground feel to it – and very cool look – then perhaps is for you.

Xephula is very easy to use. Signing up and posting was effortless and it did not feel clunky or like I was shouting at the clouds in an empty echo chamber.

Here's some stupid ads. I don't care if you click on them or not. They're probably bullsh-t anyway.

People on Xephula were interacting with me like they had known me already, which was kind of cool. It was more natural and organic feeling, not like people just being angry at the world and yelling things. It was more like hanging out with friends.

PS: Xephula is upgrading servers due to massive overnight growth. Just so ya know!




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