by Frank

August 27, 2021

This video was posted on Yahoo’s TikTok account and shows people trying to flee the gunfire at the Kabul airport amid Joe Biden’s failed withdrawal.

This is just a disaster in progress and people have already lost their lives after a suicide bomber attacked.

It’s easy for us to sit at home and be backseat drivers, but anyone watching videos like this and the tragic news from this week’s attack can see the evacuation and withdrawal plan has been nothing but bungled.

WATCH THE VIDEO and look at the people scramble as they run for their lives.

And now try to imagine yourselves in their situation.

Their military ditched them. The Taliban took over. The Americans are leaving and now the people over there will be helpless.


The sad part, besides all the lives lost because nothing will top that, is that the Afghan military has simply given up and just let the Taliban take over at will.

Why did America spend 20 years in Afghanistan if it was just going to fall in a few days?

What did we teach them? What did we accomplish?

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How did Joe Biden fail the withdrawal plan so badly?

Why did they start pulling out the troops before the rest of the civilians and allies?

Doesn’t it make more sense to get the people and allies out FIRST, then get the troops out?

Now we’re sending troops BACK to Afghanistan to get everyone out, but everyone isn’t coming out. At least 13 service members have already been killed and many more people injured in the attack.

If there’s anything we learned amid all of the chaos, is that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris could be the worst administration we’ve ever had.

If Joe Biden isn’t impeached for this failure, then the GOP has no backbone.

Everyone should know that Joe Biden is not going to resign. There’s just no way he will do that. He will need to be forced out of office via impeachment, but even that has a small chance to succeed.

Kevin McCarthy promised a day of reckoning for Joe Biden, but is he all talk or will there be action?




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