by Frank

May 6, 2021

Today’s politics are filled with hypocrites who ride the party line like it’s the only ride in the amusement park.

If someone is running for office and isn’t a Democrat, then the liberals pounce on them like rabid hungry raccoons digging in trash cans inthe middle of a California afternoon. And low and behold, the liberals don’t even care if it makes them look like hypocrites.

Such is the case when Caitlyn Jenner, a biological male who now identifies as female, announced a run for governor in the liberally decimated state of California.

Democrats are known to be very supportive of the LGBT crowd, but if anyone is a Republican, then fugget about it.

The Democrats are shaming Caitlyn Jenner and the LGBT crowd is rejecting the former world class Olympian because they’re not running as a Democrat. Despite being part of the LGBT, Jenner is still being attacked left and right.

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It’s very odd that people like Trey Gowdy and Kayleigh McEnany have to step up to defend Jenner when the former male is being dissed by people who could relate so closely to Jenner’s lifestyle.

But to be fair, anyone living in California might say “anyone’s better than Gavin Newsom.”

Afterall, Newsom faces being recalled, so there could be a much wider opening for Caitlyn Jenner to jump into.

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WATCH Republicans stand up for Caitlyn Jenner and shame the Democrats who dared to attack.




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