by Frank

December 7, 2020

Sidney Powell went for two swing states and struck out after federal judges in Georgia and Michigan rejected efforts to overturn the results of the election in favor of President Donald Trump.

In what might be considered a staggering blow to getting Trump reelected and the efforts were considered “undemocratic” as their efforts were rejected.

This is certainly not the results Trump nor his supporters had desired, but Powell was unable to bring enough evidence to suggest that the judges rule in their favor.

Judge Linda Parker, of the Detroit U.S. District Court, stated that “in fact, this lawsuit seems to be less about achieving the relief Plaintiffs seek—as much of that relief is beyond the power of this Court— and more about the impact of their allegations on People’s faith in the democratic process and their trust in our government” and also stated that “with nothing but speculation and conjecture that votes for President Trump were destroyed, discarded or switched to votes for Vice President Biden, Plaintiffs’ equal protection claim fails.”

And if the claims had merit, according to Politico, she stated that “alleged injury does not entitle them to seek their requested remedy because the harm of having one’s vote invalidated or diluted is not remedied by denying millions of others their right to vote.”

Judge Parker was put in by former President Barack Obama.


U.S. District Court Judge Timothy Batten out of Georgia spoke about his decision. He’s a Bush appointee and he dismissed the case entirely.

Batten said they didn’t have any standing to sue and Trump’s legal team wanted to decertify the Biden victory, something that he as a judge was unwilling to do, per his statement.

Batten said, “They want this court to substitute its judgment for two-and-a-half million voters who voted for Joe Biden… And this I am unwilling to do.”

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Judge Batten simply rejected the case and said “we can’t turn back the clock and create a world in which the 2020 election results are not certified.”

Looks like Joe Biden will be inaugurated on January 20, 2021 unless someone comes up with evidence that proves 100% with no doubts that something fishy happened.

And no – the suitcases in Georgia video does not show anything. You can’t see what is in, or not in, those cases. The green truck in the parking lot video was also nothing, because no one can see anything. And there was another video where someone passed something off and no one can tell what it is – but it looks like they’re going out for a smoke break if anything.

If there is any evidence, then it MUST be clear and 100% foolproof, otherwise, it’s nothing and will never hold up in court.

This is the OJ Simpson case of elections. Remember his case? Could not prove he did it, even though most people thought he did.

That’s what we’re dealing with for the 2020 election.

Lots of people think something happened, but there is not 100% absolute definite proof.

All that Lin Wood and Sidney Powell nonsense belongs in the garbage as well. They’re just blowing smoke up your chimney and hoping your donations fall down.

If there is SOLID undeniable proof, then that is the only thing that will help Trump and nothing else.

No donations or email lists are needed to present that in court, so don’t be pulling your wallet out to hand people money because you think it will help Trump. It won’t and you’re getting suckered out of cash.

You can literally sue for anything even if there’s no evidence. It will just get dismissed or laughed out of court. If they want to win this, then they need serious proof.

Anyway, in funnier news, Rudy Giuliani was accused of farting next to Jenna Ellis.




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