by Frank

August 3, 2021

President Joe Biden and his Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas faces calls for impeachment over their failed attempt at managing the border of United States and Mexico.

It was Texas GOP Rep. Chip Roy who made the demand for both of them to be impeached as the border faced record numbers back in March, per a report on NPR: “More than 18,000 unaccompanied children were taken into custody at the U.S.-Mexico border in March, the most ever in a single month. Border apprehensions have also hit their highest level in 15 years” – and it does not appear that the border is currently under control or leaning in that direction.

Despite the White House releasing a new plan to deal with Biden’s border crisis, that doesn’t seem to affect the opinion many people have about the failures of the administration in general.

Here’s the new plan, because the old plan didn’t work (obviously), following by what Chip Roy said about Biden/Mayorkas:

Chip Roy said in a tweet: “THREAD: PRELIMINARY JULY BORDER NUMBERS (USBP only, subject to increase) Total encounters: 205,029 Total known gotaways: 37,400 1.3 million for FY 21 so far Largest monthly encounter number since 2000. Total is bigger than every full-year total since FY21.”


Keep in mind, Roy stated these numbers are subject to change and preliminary in nature. The numbers are also subject to a fact check, so for our purposes, we are stating that this is simply Chip Roy’s claim and not concrete fact until the real numbers are released.

Political commentator Jesse Kelly responded to Chip Roy’s thread, saying “What Joe Biden is doing at our border is impeachable. It’s more impeachable than Watergate. This is an attack on the sovereignty of America and it’s coming from the Oval Office. Republicans should move to impeach after 2022.

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Chip Roy later responded to Jesse Kelly with the demand to impeach both Biden and Mayorkas.

It’s unclear if anything will come of this, but many Americans on the right wing side of politics likely agree that Biden and Mayorkas are not handling the border in a good way.

And where is Kamala Harris? Wasn’t she tapped to be border czar? Is she off being useless somewhere like usual?

To make things worse, Kamala Harris is being called Daily Wire, who referred to polls, as “the most unpopular VP in 50 years.” That could be debatable and a right wing talking point, but Kamala Harris and Joe Biden have received bad ratings on several polls and she could be on her way to being the worst VP in American history.

Will Joe Biden and Alejandro Mayorkas be impeached? Will Kamala Harris be impeached with them?

We can only hope.

If they simply did their job, then there wouldn’t be anything to complain about, but one look across the country and you can see it’s not exactly going in a good direction.

Inflation, illegal immigration, Gen Z, Disney putting Gonzo in a dress (disgusting) …. where do we even begin?

better yet, where did we go wrong!?




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