by Frank

July 23, 2021

Glenn Beck reveals a new buzzword that is key to Marxism for the far left liberals. His video is described as “The far-left has a new, favorite buzzword: PRAXIS. Glenn explains the meaning, how it holds the secret to Marxism, and why it’s time conservatives ‘be kind’ to our liberal friends (and learn the difference between liberals and the ‘far-left’ too).”

Beck says the word is “praxis” and ties it into Marxism. Beck says it’s comparable to when people say “we have to take action now” and then links it to President Joe Biden’s suggestion for a door-to-door community outreach program.

Beck goes on to torch the minds of the Biden administration over the outreach, saying this IS praxis and then cracks a joke about Antifa.

He said whenever a Conservative participates in praxis, to take action, an Antifa basement dweller loses their nose ring! LOL

If you look up “praxis” as linked to Marx, it comes right up on Wikipedia and here’s what it says:


Marx uses the term “praxis” to refer to the free, universal, creative and self-creative activity through which man creates and changes his historical world and himself.[8] Praxis is an activity unique to man, which distinguishes him from all other beings.[8] The concept appears in two of Marx’s early works: the Economic and Philosophical Manuscripts of 1844 and the Theses on Feuerbach (1845).[5] In the former work, Marx contrasts the free, conscious productive activity of human beings with the unconscious, compulsive production of animals.[5] He also affirms the primacy of praxis over theory, claiming that theoretical contradictions can only be resolved through practical activity.[5] In the latter work, revolutionary practice is a central theme:

Further, it’s stated on this website as:

Praxis is an iterative, reflective approach to taking action. It is an ongoing process of moving between practice and theory. Praxis is a synthesis of theory and practice in which each informs the other ( Freire, 1985 ).

Action relating theory to practice, in a specific context that challenges power relationships and leads to transformative action.

Praxis is the blending of theory and practice and can also be understood as the process by which theory is embodied and enacted. For education, praxis is theoretically grounded actions evidenced in learning environments of all types.

Glenn Beck refers to Joe Biden as a host for parasitic liberals using him to push their agenda. He also says to open the doors for liberals who want to escape the madness, and let them know we can be allies and unite on things that will serve others, rather than focusing on just ourselves.

Beck suggests trying to be peacemakers. I guess he should tell that to Antifa and BLM when they’re setting buildings on fire and throwing molotov cocktails.

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