by Frank

December 29, 2020

Aging TV personality Geraldo Rivera defended Ghislaine Maxwell after a judge denied her bail and it surely did not end well for him.

Maxwell, who’s locked up for a plethora of alleged crimes related to her relationship with Jeffrey Epstein, was denied bail because she’s considered a flight risk. Her alleged crimes include many against women being used against their will and mistreated, a story most of us are familiar with and can do a Google search if you really want to gruesome details.

Regardless, the judge told her NOPE when it was brought to their attention on if Maxwell should be released on bail, and that’s when Rivera chimed in with his two-bit comment defending her and saying that the judge was afraid of the NY Post.

Wait, what? A judge being afraid of the NY Post? Yeah, that’s a big NOPE for Rivera and it looks like he suffered the consequences for his message when his comment section turned into a raging ball of fire calling him out for being, well, himself.

Let’s take a gander at his comment and a handful of replies that came his way thanks to the magical thing we call the Internet and the flaming dumpster fire we call Twitter.


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