by Frank

July 14, 2021

A George Floyd mural collapsed and people had no idea what happened to it. WTVG 13abc posted: “The George Floyd mural on the side of this building at Summit and Lagrange has collapsed. No word yet on what may have caused the collapse.”

Later that day, WTVG posted again to notify their followers that the mural was struck by lightning and that’s what caused it to collapse.

WTVG said: “UPDATE: Witnesses have told authorities that the George Floyd mural was struck by lightning before it collapsed.

This is where it gets interesting….

However, the alleged witness account is being disputed, according to Yahoo News:


The cause of the damage is not known.

City building inspector Hugh Koogan said it appeared to be a result of natural deterioration. The city had noticed the middle of the wall, where most of the damage occurred, bowing recently, he said.

“It was just age. It just came away,” Mr. Koogan said. “It happens to the older buildings.”

The Toledo Fire and Rescue Department, however, is listing the cause as a lightning strike, based on witness reports and the scene, spokesman Sterling Rahe said.

That witness told authorities they saw lightning strike the building at the site of the collapse, but Mr. Koogan, who talked to the person, said he found no signs to support that theory. He also dismissed claims that the rainy weather was to blame.

The only thing that could make that brick wall collapse would be some gigantic guy with a sledge hammer (someone like Laurel Hubbard, who is a biological male), cheap labor construction like the Miami condo, or Mother Nature herself who is the biggest force to ever be reckoned with….. or old age… either way, it crumbled.

And, no matter what – one does not challenge Mother Nature in any way. You can’t take a knee on it. You can’t protest it. You can’t do anything. Mother Nature always wins.

Once people knew what caused the George Floyd mural to collapse, that’s when the jokes started pouring in with the comment section and it was quite interesting.

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Some people might crack jokes suggesting that lightning must be racist or that mother nature didn’t like it, or even that it collapsed like George Floyd’s lungs when he was killed by a cop, or that progressives will now try to cancel God, or asking when we can riot against lightning – which sounds great, because I need a new flat screen TV and some Air Jordans.

Either way, Twitter is the gift that keeps on giving.

Here’s a few of the finest tweets:

CORRECTION: I spelled LIGHTNING wrong when I wrote LIGHTENING. Also, LMFAO! Who the heck cares, you get the point!

ANOTHER UPDATE: story has been updated to show that someone has now disputed the story about lightNING striking the mural and they said it was basically old age.




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