by Frank

July 26, 2020

Some random guy who hosts a radio show, named Paul Gallant, was mocking President Donald Trump on Twitter in regards to Seattle and the protesters. At one point Gallant stated that Seattle was peaceful, telling Trump to “Chill Dawg” in response to a Trump tweet talking about protesters.

Well, there was an odd turn of events.

The protesters are now in Gallant’s own neighborhood. Even worse, the protesters destroyed the Starbucks that his apartment complex is connected to and now he was told to stay away in case there’s an explosive in the coffee shop. Yeah, maybe some explosive diarrhea after drinking your third cup of joe, but in all seriousness, life sure switched gears on Gallant and now he’s almost ready to buy a firearm.

He said, “Came home to my apartment complex. The Starbucks underneath has been destroyed, and cops are telling us to stay away in case something explosive is inside” as he posted this video of the Starbucks looking like it got ravaged by some homeless people taking all the leftover pastries.

Gallant went from taking strolls in Seattle, suggesting it’s peaceful and not that bad (weeks ago), to now where the protesters/rioters are literally on his own doorstep and he’s about to buy a weapon.


Here’s some tweets he posted:

Gallant Tweets t2

Gallant followed up with “Woke up to a bunch of ppl tweeting “Chill Dawg” at me. I laughed. I stand by what I originally said. 5 weeks ago, Chaz/Chop/whatever didn’t seem as bad as portrayed by those outside of it. I‘d walked through it a few times. Then burning & pillaging actually happened. Classic”

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