by Frank

July 20, 2021

You’ve heard of the mile high club, but this is the mile high FLIGHT club!

For reasons unknown, a group of passengers aboard a plane decided to break out into an all-out fist fight while they were thousands of feet in the air.

They don’t care about the well-being and safety of others, they only care about stomping each other while mid-air and I’m 100000% someone probably got arrested when they landed.

The best part of this, if we can even say there’s a best part, is that it was caught on video.

Ironically, we got used to seeing fights break out in the Miami airport, but I guess these folks were able to stay well behaved until they got up in the air where they turned the flight club into a fight club.


And for crying out loud folks, can we please learn how to record on our phones?

Hold it sideways and stay still. Don’t move all over the place. Don’t hold it the wrong way. Get some good footage for us folks at home to enjoy! Sheesh!

So anyway, back to our regularly scheduled broadcasting. If you’re at the airport, try not to be like the folks in the video above!

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