by Frank

May 6, 2021

Florida’s Republican Governor Ron DeSantis announced a one-time bonus of $1,000 for first responders. There are approximately 174,000 first responders in Florida who are cops, paramedics, firefighters, and emergency medical technicians.

This might go against the grain of how far-left Democrats feel about the police community and could trigger a response.

DeSantis has been making headlines all year in his stand-up ways of governing in the face of criticism.

A press release has quotes from the following about the first responder bonus:e

DeSantis said the following: “Supporting our law enforcement and first responders has been a top priority for my administration, and it has never been more important than over the last year. As a state, we are grateful for their continued service to our communities” and “this one-time bonus is a small token of appreciation, but we can never go far enough to express our gratitude for their selflessness.”


Florida Chief Financial Officer and State Fire Marshal Jimmy Patronis chimed in as well, saying “When the Coronavirus came to Florida, our first responders worked overtime to protect our communities and get people the care they so desperately needed… I say all the time that these men and women work 24/7, 365-days a year to protect our communities – and they performed with honor and distinction during this global pandemic. The bonus checks that Governor DeSantis proposed, and secured from the Legislature, means a lot to these first responders and their families who had to live through this crisis. With his hard work, the Governor has made it very clear that Florida loves and appreciates our first responders, which means a lot to these heroes.”

Senate President Wilton Simpson stated: “It is great to see today’s focus on thanking our first responders, not only for their tireless work during the pandemic, but their service day in and day out in our communities… These dedicated women and men are at their best when we are facing some of life’s most challenging moments. They stand with us when a loved one is facing a medical emergency, when a home is damaged by a fire, and so many other difficult circumstances. Today, the Florida Legislature and our Governor are proud to stand with these dedicated first responders, and I hope these bonuses will serve as a reminder that their hard work is seen and appreciated.”

House Speaker Chris Sprowls replied to the first responder bonus with:

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“Throughout the entire pandemic, Florida’s first responders made sacrifices nobody could foresee… They answered the call when Floridians were in need the most, and I am grateful for their service. I applaud Governor DeSantis for proposing these bonuses and am proud to have the Legislature get it across the finish line.”

Senator Kelli Stargel, Chair of the Senate Committee on Appropriations said, “Over this last year, Florida was fortunate to have many dedicated first responders who fulfilled essential functions of government throughout the most trying months of the pandemic… From our law enforcement officers, to EMTs, to firefighters and many others, we are so grateful to these hardworking professionals, and pleased to be able to offer these bonus payments as a small token of appreciation on behalf of our state.”




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