by Frank

December 20, 2020

Dr. Fauci was on CNN taking questions from young Americans when one of them asked about how Santa can deliver gifts safely during the coronavirus. That’s when Fauci took matters into his own hands and told the young person that he went to the North Pole himself and gave Santa the COVID-19 vaccination.

Fauci said, “I took care of that for you because I was worried that you’d all be upset… So what I did a little while ago, I took a trip up there to the North Pole, I went there, and I vaccinated Santa Claus myself. I measured his level of immunity, and he is good to go. He can come down the chimney. He can leave the presents, and you have nothing to worry about.”

Meanwhile, adults in the room were probably looking around at each other like, “what did he just say?”You know at least one Dad was on his third Milwaukee’s Best drink yelling at the TV like “LIAR!! YOU FREAKING LIAR!! NO YOU DID NOT GO TO THE NORTH POLE!! YOU NEVER MET SANTA! YOU SIT ON A THRONE OF LIES YOU STINKING LIAR!!!!”

Either way, it doesn’t matter what Fauci says. If the kids are happy on Christmas day, that’s all that matters.

Well, what also matters is getting our economy back together like an old band, fighting off the virus, and hoping that 2021 dose not suck like 2020 did. Some might say 2020 was the worst year in history and they could be right. Name a worse year that has affected more people on a global scale – and I’m talking about from our time period.

Here’s Dr. Fauci telling people he visited Santa to give him an ol’ shot in the arm.


Merry Christmas, happy New Year, WATCH the video and comments below!




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