by Frank

September 10, 2021

At least he was honest here.

Dr. Fauci admits he doesn’t have a clear and firm answer on a very key question that was asked during an interview on CNN.

He was asked about if people who’ve already had the virus should get vaccinated or not and that’s when he seemed unsure and gave his perspective.



About Fauci, you have to admit his job must absolutely suck. He’s an infectious disease doctor and it seems like we may, or may not have, funded some research overseas that possibly (not saying it did or did not, just throwing out some speculation) lead to the virus we’re dealing with now.

No matter where this virus originated (cough wuhan cough) we’re still the people who must deal with it.

One thing that probably sucks for Fauci is that our country has turned the virus into a political battle which is the stupidest thing you could ever do with a virus. This is science, not politics, and people who make decisions based on CNN, Fox News, or their favorite politician on Twitter – hate to say it, but you’re an idiot. The only people who you should talk to are your own doctors who are actual experts, not Joe Bob Smith who sits on his toilet and tweets conspiracy theories while he’s wiping his overweight ass.

One of Fauci’s BIGGEST mistakes is going on television with politicians, going on mainstream media like CNN – because then people link him with that network.

Fauci and his team of scientists should distance themselves from CNN and every news network. They should not talk to any politicians. They should do their job and release videos or updates on their own social media.

I get it that Fauci wants to spread the word, but is he being genuine on these shows or is he enjoying the limelight?

And then the constant blow-ups with Rand Paul… it’s just become DRAMA and NONSENSE when it should be SCIENCE and COMMON SENSE.

I never knew who Fauci was before the pandemic hit, but if he had stayed out of the public light and didn’t spend so much time on TV or next to any politicians ever, then maybe we’d actually listen to him more.

But now it’s like our views on Fauci are skewed. We look at him like some dunce in the local bar who keeps playing Britney Spears on the jukebox just to get on people’s nerves.

Would your view of Fauci be different if he wasn’t on TV so much or accused of lies by Senator Rand Paul? That guy wants Fauci JAILED, that’s how bad Paul thinks it is.

Who’s really telling the truth anymore? Can we trust ANYONE???

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