by Frank

September 10, 2021

If I was a cow, then I’d be udderly confused. This video makes no sense to me. Even if I watched it ten more times on a loop, I’d still have no idea what’s going on and I might lose 10 IQ points each time.

It’s like if the Matrix 4 movie was all about pronouns, this would be it. But still, I need someone to explain this video to me like I’m a five-year-old toddler who just got home from kindergarten, because it’s literally a perfect combination of WTF and insanity and HUH all in one.



OK, now back to my original question – what the heck is that?

What is GENDER FLORET? Is that another made up term that makes no sense except to the person who made it up?

What the huh is going on?

Is this what my kid will grow up with? Holy blinker fluid Batman, this is getting a bit too weird, even for me.

I’m all about people doing their own thing, but when it gets beyond out of control and too weird for the weird guy of the party, then even I’m going to be like – OK, this needs to stop.

Keep this stuff locked in a closet somewhere and throw away the key until the giant meteor arrives.

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