by Frank

July 16, 2021

Texas Democrat Rep. Donna Howard fled her state and ran off to DC to avoid quorum with Republicans. She shared a very odd tweet showing her undergarments hanging on the shower rod, because she claimed to wash her clothes in the bathroom during her obviously tough time out there on the political battlefield.

That’s when things went terrible wrong for the Democrat who should have been in Texas doing her job instead of hosing around in her hotel bathroom on Twitter in an attempt to look cool or beg for attention from social media users.

Donna Howard’s tweet said: “You bet we’re recognizing & honoring our country’s heritage. As most Texans, tho, this is what we’re doing tonight—using whatever is accessible, uwashing our clothes in the sink.

I don’t know about you, but don’t many hotels have a laundry room for people to use? And don’t most women pack more than enough clothes when they travel?

Is it just me, or does this smell like she’s begging for attention and acting like she’s out there roughing it for the good of the people?

It probably doesn’t matter what we think, but the Internet surely delivered as some of the social media replies to her tweet were just hysterical.


Prison Mitch has the best response yet!

Follow Prison Mitch and see their post below…

Also, many more of the funny replies to Democrat Donna Howard are below Prison Mitch’s winner winner chicken dinner post.


donna howard

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