Don Lemon finally has an honest moment, says why Men’s soccer players should be paid more

Clay Travis tweeted this video with the comment: “This might be the most honest thing Don Lemon has ever said, men’s soccer players deserve more money than women’s soccer players because way more people in the world care about men’s sports. It’s basic capitalism.” I don’t know why it’s hard for people to understand that if your sport – male or female – brings in more money, then naturally you will probably be paid more. If more people watch your sport, then you’ll probably be paid more. If more people buy your merchandise, then you’ll probably be paid more. This is ALL about making money, not about the gender of the person. Men and women are NOT equal. Athletes are not equal. It’s all about the money – that’s it. The women’s soccer team should NOT be getting any of the money that is won by the men playing in the World Cup. That’s ridiculous and stupid.

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