by Frank

September 10, 2021

They really wrote 30-pages on this?

Joe Biden’s Department of Justice filed a 30 page complaint and lawsuit against the state of Texas over a new law they say is allegedly unconstitutional.

The new Texas law bans most abortions after 6 weeks and people on the far left have thrown themselves into a fit over it, because they can’t abort their babies during week 7. They preach “my body, my choice” while their president is mandating people put a needle in their arm for a vaccination and not respecting the freedom of the “my body, my choice” when it comes to that. Me, an intellect, sees a hypocrite in the distance.


CNBC said the following:

The Department of Justice on Thursday sued Texas over its restrictive new abortion law, saying the state’s legislature enacted the statute “in open defiance of the Constitution.”

So it’s restrictive, but does that make it unconstitutional?

The lawsuit comes after the Supreme Court, stacked 6-3 with conservative justices, last week refused to block the controversial abortion law, which bans almost all abortions after as early as six weeks of pregnancy, from taking effect.

So it doesn’t block all abortions entirely, it just wants women to get them sooner than later.

President Joe Biden had blasted the high court’s overnight ruling, saying it “insults the rule of law.” Attorney General Merrick Garland said at the time that the Justice Department was “evaluating all options to protect the constitutional rights of women, including access to an abortion.”

They have access to it for 6 weeks. Should they get longer access, like 12 weeks?

“The act is clearly unconstitutional,” Garland said.

The 30-page complaint against the Lone Star State, filed in federal court in Austin, also accuses Texas of adopting “an unprecedented scheme” to insulate the abortion law from legal challenges by empowering private citizens to “serve as bounty hunters” against those who seeks out or assists in obtaining abortions.

If it takes 30 pages to explain why it’s unconstitutional, then you need an editor. If you think anyone is reading 30 pages of anything, then think again.

Make your point in one page or don’t make it at all.

So anyway, I’m a guy and I can’t have an abortion and I don’t even live in Texas, so what is even the point of me writing this?

Well, some of YOU live in Texas and I’d love to hear your comments on the new Texas law.

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